Join the TruckER Fleet Program

Designed for Truck Drivers in the USA and Canada

What is the TruckER Fleet Program?

TruckER Fleet is a special Membership Plan designed for Truck Drivers in the USA and in Canada.

It gives you several benefits during your everyday work and reimbursements for your regular costs as a truck driver.

How Can I Claim My Benefits?

As a Fleet Member you’ll have a Reimbursement Request Form inside the TruckER app where you can claim your reimbursements every month.

You can keep track of your previous reimbursements using our admin panel.

How Can I Join?

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and you can get instant access to the TruckER Fleet Program.

Please note that claiming your benefits can be done inside the TruckER App, so you will need a TruckER User Account. If you already have an account, please log in first.

If you don’t have a TruckER account yet, don’t worry, it will be created automatically when you sign up for the Fleet Program.

What will Happen After Joining TruckER Fleet?

Within 5-10 days you’ll get the TruckER Fleet Card. This card operates as a debit card and all the reimbursements that you claim inside the TruckER app will be uploaded to this card.

You can then use the TruckER Fleet Card for payments at any card-accepting shops and ATMs.

Benefits of joining the TruckER Fleet


$25 OFF every callout

Every time a Service Ticket you opened as a Driver is marked as Complete, you get the right for $25 reimbursement


$1 reimbursement for every tow mile (up to $50)

Every tow mile cost done in the month will be reimbursed by $1, up to $50 / month. Based on the invoice uploaded to your service ticket.


$750 reimbursement on major repairs

Major repairs (engine or transmission) are reimbursed up to $750 for Drivers involved in the TruckER Fleet Program. We help in reducing your risks, too!

20 gal.

Fuel Reimbursement up to 20 gallons / month

Just upload your fuel invoice and you get 20 gallons of reimbursement as a member of the TruckER Fleet Program


24/7 Live Dispatch Support

Need quick help? Maybe in the middle of the night? Don’t ever worry again! TruckER Fleet Members can get 24/7 support in making sure you get the right service in time!


Membership price of the Fleet program is
$110/month or
$1100/year (two months gratis) if paid annually.

Join Now the TruckER Fleet

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Benefits of joining the TruckER Fleet Program

  • $25 off every callout
  • $1 reimbursement for every tow mile (up to $50)
  • $750 reimbursement on major repairs
  • Fuel Reimbursement up to 20 gallons / month
  • 24/7 Live Dispatch Support

Have questions? Contact us!

In case of any questions about the TruckER Fleet Program, please Contact Us:

Phone: (0) 123 4567 890

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